Lisa WeightmanReflecting on my last post after the Olympics (Sept 2012), I put out a very special thank  you to my sponsors, who supported me during the 4 year Olympic cycle, affirming positively that “there’s a lot more to come”!  Although it has taken a little longer than I’d hoped to get back into the same shape I was in at the Olympics, I am ready to race.

I am confident that 2013 is going to be a lot of FUN!

To kick start the adventure I am pleased to announce the support of Nike, the company which takes its name from (Greek Νίκη, pronounced [nǐːkɛː]) the Greek goddess of victory!  I don’t know a sporty girl yet who would shy away from the opportunity to be linked not only to the aura of victory, but a goddess!

Continued and increased support from IBM Australia, combined with a new relationship with Sukkie Hydration Formula and the talented physiotherapists at Back In Motion – Northcote, I am a lucky girl!

It is no coincidence that when you surround yourself with passionate and dedicated people, confidence builds.  I am no goddess, but I am ready to bring out my best and that’s a victory in itself!

Happy Running!